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I am the executive director of The Surge Network and am the founder and president of Foster Care Initiatives ( Most of my foster care/adoption related blogging has been moved to that site. This is my personal blog that I use to reflect on aspects of theology, culture, and our day-to-day life that includes being married to the pastor of Roosevelt Community Church, having a house full of kiddos (biological, adopted, and foster teens), and living in downtown Phoenix.

are women dangerous to pastors?

As a woman whose vocation is in the context of local church ministry, I have the honor of working alongside many pastors on a day to day basis. Which is why when there is a breaking headline in the Christian … Continue reading

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The Rich Meal that is God’s Word

When you have feasted day after day on junk food, come home, plop on your couch and your greatest extent of daily exercise is picking up the remote control….you can easily pass up the delicious meal that is waiting in … Continue reading

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“Doing Great Things for God”… as a mom

A few nights ago, I read this post called “when you want to do great things for God”….From one hope-to-be “warrior mom” to another…. I found much of this post encouraging and thought some of you may too. I love … Continue reading

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Somber Saturday

Saturday….. The day Jesus body laid dead & lifeless in the tomb. Saturday… Creation held its breath. Was the hope of restoration gone? Saturday…His gut-wrenched followers knew not what to do with their brokenness. Was there purpose to continue to … Continue reading

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Carrying the Suffering of the World

Take a few moments to sit and think about a time in life that you experienced bone aching, earth shattering grief. Perhaps it was the night that you realized your marriage was empty and lonely, seemingly hopeless. Maybe it was … Continue reading

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on Ferguson, part two

“Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea.” Mark 9:42 Notice that Jesus … Continue reading

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lessons in a segmented life

I am so thankful for the few Saturdays Roosevelt family came over to help get my grandparents moved in or help us dust/clean/scoop water out of our living room. It has been such a blessing. The last six weeks have … Continue reading

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