This is my personal blog full of a random collections of thoughts on scripture, culture, and adoption. I love writing, my home full of kids and teens (bio, adopted, & foster) and living in downtown Phoenix.

I am also the founder and Executive Director of Foster Care Initiatives. A non-profit that is focused on the health of biological, foster, and adoptive families so children thrive in the context of a family.

I am passionate about God’s word being proclaimed and God’s work being accomplished especially among the most vulnerable in our society. I mainly speak, write, and blog about adoption, foster care, and the theology that should drive both…but occasionally I throw my two cents in on marriage, parenting, politics, church life, and anything else that sparks a thought.

We live in downtown Phoenix where my husband, Vermon, is the lead pastor and very involved in urban development. We have a very special church community that we are honored to share our life and journey with. In this video Dan Cruver of Together for Adoption interviews my husband & I about the significant role Roosevelt Community Church played in our ability to foster (and eventually adopt) two of our children:

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  1. After all these years, this video still moves me. What a wonderful example of choosing to love and really living the scriptures. Your comments about how adoption effects the entire community is lovely.” God chose to love me before the foundation of the world” is a wonderful parallel of how we can effect our community. I pray that God gives us all the heart of obedience and ears to hear His Voice. Especially, in loving a child. God bless you two for the work you and your church are doing. Praying that more churches will do the same.

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