Marcel’s Testimony…what Amazing Grace!

Marcel, our ten year old son, was baptized yesterday. It was so special to hear his explanation of how he was lost and then found. Marcel is incredibly articulate and described beautifully first how God found him physically through adoption, and then how God found him spiritually. He has such a precious heart and truly loves the Lord. I am so thankful for the gift he is to us. (Okay, enough of the proud-mom bragging). 
I am also very thankful for my grandfather, Arnold, and my father, Dennis. This weekend was their 35th anniversary of committing their lives to Christ (they both answered the same alter call 35 years ago during a simple sermon at a small church in Rhode Island and dedicated their lives to Christ). Both my grandfather and father are heroes to Marcel (and myself!) and it was so special for Marcel to have two great grandfathers, a grandfather, and his father present. He is surrounded by wonderful men and quickly growing up into one himself.
Here are some excerpts from Marcel’s testimony that he read on Sunday. It was very powerful to witness and I hope it encourages you. Every word here is directly from Marcel’s mouth, I just helped him with grammar and asked him a lot of questions to help him brainstorm all of his thoughts. He gave me permission to post this because he said he wants as many people to hear about how wonderful God is as possible:

“My Testimony” by Marcel Vermon Pierre

“My favorite song is “Amazing Grace” and the song says, “I once was lost, but now I am found. I was blind, but now I see.” I like these words because it describes me becoming a Christian.
    First, I was lost.
I was lost in real life, but also spiritually. I was lost in real life because I had a family that couldn’t take care of me. I was born in Nevada and the first 6 years of my life were abusive, but I was taken care of too, especially by my Grammy. But I was also lost spiritually. I knew that there was something that ruled over the world, I wasn’t an atheist, but I didn’t know that it was the God of the Bible that ruled the world. I used to have a lot of anger and even though I was an ok kid, I had an extremely bad temper.
    Then God found me.  First, God found me a family. Basically, I remember one day that I was playing with my camera robot when this couple named Dennae and Vermon came over. When I first saw my dad, Vermon, I thought that he was a giant compared to me and was a little afraid of him getting me. Then, I wish I would have jumped up on my dad, Vermon, and begged him to be my daddy, but instead I hid from him and waited for him to find me. But that’s okay that I didn’t beg my daddy to adopt me, because my mommy and daddy, Dennae and Vermon, had already seen me and they were the ones begging God to let me be adopted.  So God found me a family and let Mya and I stay together as brother and sister and then gave me another brother, Judah.
    Before I was a Christian, I didn’t understand why my life was so torn up and messy, but God took something really terrible and made it into something really wonderful. This is the first way that God began to show me his love by giving me a Christian family.
    Then, after God found me a family and saved me from my bad situation, God found me spiritually….and this makes me think of the part of the song that says, “I was blind, but now I see.”
    This is the main sermon I heard that helped me become a Christian. I was at Grant Park in VBS and Mr. JJ was talking about being blind. He had a candy bar and held it in the field while a blindfolded kid tried to find it.  The point of Mr. JJ’s story was that our sin makes us blind to God but Jesus is the one that can take off our blindfold so we can see God clearly. So I went home and I didn’t know if I wanted to be a Christian or not.
   The next day I went to my room and I was crying because I was thinking all about the sad things in my life. But God softened my heart and I realized I needed Jesus to be the king of my life. Becoming a Christian didn’t fix everything in my life. I still had some problems with anger and missing and worrying about my birth family. But what is so wonderful is that now when I do get angry or sad, I know God is forever my father and that I can stay in God’s family no matter what I say, or think, or do. Also, God has turned a lot of my anger and sadness into joy when I think about what Jesus did for me on the cross. And I am very thankful for my church family that I am going to get to play forever with in heaven…
 Being friends with God is so wonderful because like Psalm 23 says, “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. Because God is with me.” I am very glad “I once was lost, but now I’m found, was blind, but now can see.” 


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I am the executive director of The Surge Network and am the founder and president of Foster Care Initiatives ( Most of my foster care/adoption related blogging has been moved to that site. This is my personal blog that I use to reflect on aspects of theology, culture, and our day-to-day life that includes being married to the pastor of Roosevelt Community Church, having a house full of kiddos (biological, adopted, and foster teens), and living in downtown Phoenix.
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8 Responses to Marcel’s Testimony…what Amazing Grace!

  1. Stacey G says:

    This was awesome! He brought me to tears! That is God Love! I am thankful for you all and what you have done for your beautiful family! God is right on time!

  2. Back at you Stacey…beautiful to hear Kamaria's assurance of God's love for her and thankful for the example you set as a godly mother! Love hearing Kam's stories about you all praying and reading God's word together. Motherhood is such a sweet gift from God. 🙂

  3. Whew!!!! That was one weighty, beautiful, wonderful read. Praise God for His work in Marcel's life! Praise God for a changed life, a new life, and his amazing testimony and courage to share this with everyone. . . well done, Marcel!!! May Jesus Christ be lifted high in your life and through your life all of your days. -Christine

  4. Team Keehn says:

    Beautiful, so thankful for what the Lord has done in his life. He is an amazing example of God's goodness, grace, and love. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Thank you for sharing such a powerful testamony to God's love and the great ministry of adoption. We so appreciate you and Vermon and your faithfulness.Margaret Soberg, Christian Family Care Agency.

  6. OK, this is so hard to type when I am crying,I love this, and YOU Marcel. God is so good, and I know he is working great things in my family as well.I cannot wait till my three little grandsons stand up for Christ and proclaim freedom from there past!. Love you guys!

  7. Wonderful story Marcel! I met you and your family the day that Luke and Micah were adopted. I was the one with the camera taking lots of pictures. I gave my baby girl up for adoption a little over nineteen years ago. I have an open adoption with her and her family. That means we stay in touch with each other. I want you to know that I love her so much that I gave her up because I knew I was too young and not able to take care of her. I am so happy to that you know the good side of being adopted. God gave you a treasure in your adopted family. Remember, Joseph took Jesus as his own son. How amazing is that?! God bless you and your beautiful adopted family!

  8. Awww. What a beautiful testimony. I'm so happy for Marcel. God bless you, and I Love all of you.

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